Traffic Safety Systems

Role: Senior Developer for Jenoptik Robot GmbH

Design and implementation of multiple traffic safety projects arround the world

Key Responsibilities:

  • Requirement analysis for customers worldwide (e.g. Europe, Australia, Canada, Near, Middle and Far-East)
  • Developing of customized solutions for government entities or private partners in large and small teams, often as lead-developer
  • Deployment of large scale installations handling millions of traffic incidents every year and processing terrabytes of data
  • Direct customer contact when it was required including some on-site visits

Technology: .NET 4.5.2 (C#), ASP.NET Web API, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Caliburn Micro, Subversion (SVN)

Duration: 06/2012-03/2016 (> 3 years)

Duplicate Detection Framework for Large Address Databases

Role: Project lead for codegarden software GbR

Development of a scalable duplicate detection framework for large address databases with a service oriented architecture.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collecting requirements for duplicate detection solutions and analyzing existing solutions and algorithms
  • Developing of an automated testing and evaluation framework to measure the effectiveness of possible solutions
  • Designing and developing an efficient and scalable solution for duplicate detection in a service oriented architecture

Technology: .NET 4.0 (C#), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Silverlight, Subversion (SVN), LaTeX (documentation)

Duration: 02/2011-03/2012 (13 months)


TAdmin2 - Enterprise Level Provisioning System

Role: BizTalk Orchestration Developer (Junior Consultant) for T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH

Development of an enterprise level provisioning system (Active Directory, Exchange, PKI, ...)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Development of various BizTalk orchestrations calling to WCF backend services with focus on error handling and recovery
  • Template-based automatic source code generation for orchestrations and mapping between schemas
  • Developing of a framework for integration tests with automatic setup of requirements and validation of expectations in the provisioned systems (e.g. Active Directory)

Technology: .NET 1.1/2.0/3.0 (C#), BizTalk Server 2006, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), MSTest, Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

Duration: 10/2008-02/2009 (4 months)

Reference Reference

nCProzessPortal - ARIS-SharePoint-Integration

Role: SOA Architect / Developer for novaCapta GmbH

Development of a process portal for managing business processes using ARIS for modelling tool and SharePoint as a collaboration front end.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, implementation and access of a complex database model for storing ARIS process models using NHibernate as a object relational mapper
  • Developing an integration component to import ARIS modell-data using Microsoft BizTalk
  • Implementing a WCF service backend for Silverlight enabling the access of stored model data from a client

Technology: .NET (C#), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), NHibernate, SQL Server, BizTalk Server 2006, ARIS, SharePoint, Silverlight

Duration: 08/2008-10/2008 (3 months)


IT infrastructure project

Role: Architect / Consultant for Freie Christliche Bekenntnisschule Gummersbach

Designing and maintaining the IT infrastructure for a secondary school in germany. The architecture is active directory based (Windows Server 2008) supporting a heterogeneous environment (thin as well as thick clients).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developing and supporting of a low-cost Linux based environment (thick clients)
  • Automated installation and provisioning of client hosts
  • Helping with the transition to a windows based environment with a mixture of thin and thick clients
  • Ongoing support for criticial problems

Technology: Active Directory, Windows Server 2008, Moodle, Single Sign On (SSO), Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), Before: Debian, Kubuntu, Samba, SystemImager, Kerberos

Duration: 04/2007-ongoing (> 10 years)

Enterprise Application Integration for eCommerce Platforms

Role: Solution architect/developer for codegarden software GbR

Developing of an enterprise service bus (ESB) connecting various popular eCommerce platforms with the Kontor .NET ERP software.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implementing an enterprise service bus for the Kontor .NET ERP software on a plugin based architecture
  • Development of various plugins for the ESB system for popular eCommerce platforms (e.g. xt:Commerce)
  • Maintaining and extending the solution through various major versions

Technology: .NET 2.0 (VB.NET), Windows Forms, XML, PHP, xt:Commerce, osCommerce, eBay, Amazon, Kontor .NET

Duration: 07/2006-07/2008 (> 2 years)

Document Managment System for ERP software

Role: Solution architect/developer for codegarden software GbR

Extending the Kontor .NET ERP system with a feature-rich document managment system.

Technology: .NET 1.1 (C#), Windows Forms, Microsoft SQL Server, Lucene .NET, Kontor .NET

Duration: 12/2005-06/2006 (6 months)

Extending an ERP System to support product variants

Role: Solution architect/developer for codegarden software GbR

Adding the possibility to create and manage product variants in Kontor .NET.

Technology: .NET 1.1 (C#), Windows Forms, Microsoft SQL Server, Kontor .NET

Duration: 09/2005-12/2005 (3 months)

Message-oriented middleware for production data acquisition

Role: Solution architect/developer for codegarden software GbR

Development of a simple middleware based on message processing to integrate the automatic caption of plant production data with an ERP system.

Technology: .NET 1.1 (C#), Sockets, XML and binary Serialization, Kontor .NET

Duration: 05/2005-07/2005 (2 months)